Rocky Mountain Pocket Beagles
Do you have a waiting list for your puppies?  We no longer operate on a waiting list, but we do have an email list for those wanting first notifications of litters.

Are your puppies vaccinated?  All of our puppies receive their first set of shots before 8 weeks of age.

How do I know if a puppy is available?  Click on Boy and Girl puppies link. If there is no sign under the puppy that says "sold" or "reserved," it's available.

What do I have to do to reserve a puppy?  We require half down at 4 weeks old when puppies are reserved and the other half on pick up. 

Do you take checks?   We request cash, money orders or cashier checks. 

Do you ever ship your puppies out of the United States?  It depends on the country. So far we've shipped to Canada, Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Germany.

How much does it cost to ship a puppy?  We require an additional $350 to ship a puppy across the United States and Canada.  This covers transportation to the airport, travel crate, certified health certificate and flight.

What's the difference between a Pocket Beagle and a Miniature Beagle?
A Pocket Beagle is a pure-bred beagle bred for it's size.  It takes genetics and generations to bring back the small pocket beagle from the brink of extinction, but the patience is worth the effort.
A Miniature beagle is a cross between a pocket beagle and another small breed, like a miniature dachshund..    Again, it's an effort to create a smaller dog, but they are not pure beagle.  

Do Pocket Beagles howl like regular beagles?
Pocket beagles are not known as howlers.  They are a much more mellow dog than their bigger cousins.

How big do the Pocket Beagles get to be?
About half the size of a regular beagle, and double the size of a Yorkshire Terrier. Height varies from an 8 inch to to an 11 inch leg length.  (That's shoulder to paw)

Where are you registered?  Our dogs are registered with Champion Registry or AKC registry.

​Are pocket beagles good with cats or other animals? We have a cat that occasionally plays with the puppies so they associate cats as a friend. I'm told one of our puppies made friends with a rabbit.
Beagles want to please, so they make that extra effort to make friends with animals already established in the household. 
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