We can be reached at (303) 255-1671 or email us at:
pocket.beaglepuppies@yahoo.com to reserve your puppy.  We accept all major credit cards.

We no longer operate using a deposit list.
Instead, we will announce when we have
a litter when they are 4 weeks old and post 
pictures on our web site and/or video on our
FaceBook site.  
Then we will notify everyone on our email
list the date and time the puppies go up for
1/2 down is due when the puppy is reserved
at around 4 weeks old with the remaining 
balance due at pick up at 8 weeks old. 
 We will need payment due 3 days before pick up if using a credit card
and one week before pickup if using a check. 

I know many of you would like to place a deposit and be put on a list for
first picks.  However, it got way too complicated for us trying to match specific requests for gender, color and sometimes specific Mommies.    

If you would like to be updated on future puppies, we would be happy to put you on our list and email you when we get a new litter.

Rocky Mountain Pocket Beagles