Meet the Mommies
Fallon.  Our Lemon and white Female.  She is so gentle and sweet.  when she has her pups we bring an igloo in the house for her to care for them.  
when people come to visit, she'll stand in the doorway of the igloo and howl at the strangers. 
But she still lets them hold her pups.
Tatum is such a good mommy.  she also lets people hold her pups and sees it as an opportunity to run upstairs to see if anyone will give her any food.  she is more classic beagle than the others with her nose to the ground sniffing for anything interesting. She gives us an array of chocolate tri  pups
Rocky Mountain Pocket Beagles

Belle has the most gentle personality of all our girls.
We've had waiting lists up to 2 years for her pups alone. 
When people come to visit, she'll not only let them hold her babies, but she'll sit next to them and let them get to know her as well.  She has patience with small children and other
Keara. retired but still thinks she's a princess